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Duke Pantarei I have aligned myself with the Entelexeia. QUICK FACTS APPEARANCE PERSONALITY HISTORY SHIP ET CETERA
NAME: Duke Pantarei
AGE: 38 (41 due to Paradisa)

HEIGHT: 6', 6'1" with his boots.
WEIGHT: 170~lbs
HAIR: White/silver

SEXUALITY: Indifferent

OCCUPATION: Hermit / Mageknight
HOMETOWN: Pharihyde, Empire, Ilyccia
PARENTS: Deceased
SIBLINGS: unknown / deceased

TRAITS: focused, apathetic, stubborn,
LIKES: Magic, Entelexeia, animals, books, learning
DISLIKES: Humans, war, waste

CANON: Tales of Vesperia
CANON POINT: Post-Final Battle and the following animated scene

Tall, slender man with long silvery white hair. His shoulders are as broad as one might expect of a swordsman, despite his love for magic.
He is definitely not a "squishy mage", instead having ridiculously high defense (both magical and physical) coupled with high speed. "You can't hit me, but even if you could, it won't be a problem."
  • Stony exterior – quiet, reserved, and abrupt. Tends to either walk away, or verbally shut down conversations he doesn't want to continue.
    • He still just goes silent on people when he's done talking. He hasn't practiced the walk away method in a while.
  • Thinks aloud to himself. In the middle of talking to people.
  • Rarely uses anything but "you" or "he/she/pronoun of choice" to talk about people – only occasionally does he describe ("young lady – the child of the full moon"), and that is usually for those he knows the others are familiar with, and if they're not available for him to stare at as an indication of who he is talking too.
    • Uses names a lot more now. Helps that people actually give him their names.
  • Confident and controlled – very visible that he is confident he can take what's thrown at him. "Meditative serenity", tends to plant himself in fairly soldierly ways, 99% of the time if he's walking around with a drawn blade, the point is angled toward the floor. Almost always walking.
    • He's started walking with a blade drawn even less – he keeps Dein Nomos and his hammer space pocket for it a surprise for foes as best he can.
  • Lacks a temper exterior – he doesn't swear, verbally or physically lash out. Or, at least, it takes a long time of getting him angry to get a reaction.
    • He's a little more comfortable showing anger, although it is usually through pacing and gritted teeth and a biting quality to his words.
  • Reaction to insults, teasing, sarcasm range from "roll off him" to "he doesn't quite understand that" Also generally annoying.
    • He's started to understand sarcasm a bit better, even if using it is hard to tell because there is barely a tone difference on his end.
  • Many before One – he puts planets before himself, for the most part, but also applies this to "If I kill this girl, then the area will stabilize". 100% okay with dying as part of reaching a goal.
    • Tempered this a little. He puts himself fairly low on the "important to save" ladder, but he also recognizes that his death will hurt people that he likes, and he doesn't like that.
  • He considers himself something potentially hazardous. Even if he walks a path in harmony with nature, he is human.
    • He does not> like realizing what he's capable of. He considers himself to be a kinda terrible person, and more than a bit hazardous when he gets angry. So he avoids it.
    • He has been working on his anti-human bias. Slowly. He still won't be surprised when someone is a terrible person, but he won't expect the level of greed and selfishness he thought was rampant.
  • Words are cheap – generally believes that humans won't hold promises. He'll keep to his word, because it makes him feel better than all the rest. Tends to be action based – actions speak louder than words.
    • When things promised never happen, he now thinks it's more of a forget, than malicious intent. Or the castle did something and everything got delayed, or the person involved vanished. That sort of thing. He still is wary.
  • Doesn't like fighting / killing. It's something he's really good at, but he doesn't enjoy it. If he has to fight at full strength, he'd rather get rid of everyone who saw it, though. Fear breeds hate, prefers to be underestimated.
    • He's relaxed a little on that. He still doesn't like giving all of the knowledge of his abilities right off the bat, but he will pull things that are a bit unbelievable and not care.
  • Still avoidant when it comes to fights. He'll back off without rising to comments of cowardice. He will start responding after a handful of blows / grappling / if he actually feels like this could be a threat that he has to fight to end.
  • Make him your friend, and he'll stick to you. Forever if he can manage. It's just hard to befriend him, because all of his other friends ended up murdered. Also: Trust Issues. So still hard to friend him.
    • He's a little more comfortable with calling people friend / making friends, but he's still a bit twitchy when it comes to their safety. Rage button / way to get him to enter a conflict is to harm a friend.
    • He's learning to separate total trust from whether he wants to be around people. He can like someone and enjoy idk reading nearby, but not trust them further than he can throw them.
  • He is pretty annoyed by humor. He does enjoy calling out irony.
    • He's getting better at understanding and being less annoyed by jokes.
  • Social situations are the most awkward things for him ever. He has trouble grasping convoluted interactions, and mostly prefers straightforward ones. Part of the reason he doesn't quite get flirting.
    • More willing to wallflower and listen and maybe attempt this social thing. Also less 'weirded out' and more 'absently curious' about flirting and stuff. He's a little better ab social just because he's lived in the castle for years now.
  • Anti-human tendencies – he's never had problems with the other races in his world. Entelexeia best friend, Kritya don't do stupid things, it's just humans who are a major pain in the ass. Even monsters like him.
    • Still pessimistic when it comes to humans, but isn't outright disdainful at first meeting anymore.
  • Rings of friending. If you're friends with someone he's friends with, you're sort of in a tolerable zone automatically. He sort of cares, because if something happens to you, his friend will be upset.
  • Even if friended, he will still keep to himself. Khroma, his ally for his hermit years, finds his motives a mystery. He doesn't want to get close and loose someone again.
    • Having friends is still uncomfortable, but it isn't panic worthy anymore. He's had friends who haven't died or gone home immediately now.
  • Realizes limits. As strong as Duke is, he feels like he's more or less reach his limits of his strength. So when he thinks he can't do something, he doesn't stubborn his way through in a typical shonen former hero way, but tries for a bit, then goes to plan b. He "gives up" so easily because he expects no aid to be offered.
    • He's moderately willing to ask for aid.
  • Of the vaguely mentioned religions of Terca Lumireis, Duke believes in none. The Goddess is tied to Dein Nomos and the fairy tale of the Child of the Full Moon – the Children of the Full Moon are an imperial bloodline, Dein Nomos is an Entelexeia forged sword, Duke's pretty sure this is supposed to give divine right to the emperors. Entelexeia were worshiped in the Shrine of Baction – Duke's best friend was an Entelexeia, he respects them but doesn't find them to be deities. Fate doesn't exist, thanks.
    • If a character goes OH, I'M A DEITY / MAJOR POWER, Duke is basically in the camp of "show me why you are, and I'll believe you". Don't push your religion on him, knthx, it doesn't make sense to him.
  • Tends to tunnel vision. Everything he did for ten years was to keep a promise, to protect his world. He had no plans for what to do if that goal was reached, nor did he really care what went on so long as it didn't impact this.
    • This is why he was willing to leave Terca Lumireis behind to join Vanyel in Valdemar. All that he did in Terca Lumireis is no longer necessary – it's all been fixed. He doesn't have a point to staying there. He doesn't have friends there either…
  • Doesn't really give a shit about human laws. He more or less follows common sense instead. Doesn't stop him from casually stealing produce from orchards or something though.
  • Easy way to get past his shell and actually get him animated – hit up a topic he likes. This is pretty much magic.
  • Born to the empire's nobility.
    • Probably in Pharihyde.
  • Became a knight. (late teens).
    • Met Elucifur, a powerful Entelexeia. Became friends.
  • Left the knights (early 20s)
  • Traveled with Elucifur, and occasionally Khroma. (Khroma is Elucifur's daughter. Duke is unaware of this)
  • Meets a krityan named Hermes. Warns Hermes about his blastia, and gives him a timelimit.
  • Hermes fails the time limit.
  • Great War Begins.
    • Duke tries to stay partially out of it, mostly on the side of the Entelexeia. Elucifur convinces him to be on the side of humanity with him.
    • Duke tries to warn imperial knights off from a fortress. He is ignored, and he withdraws.
    • Elucifur and Duke come across the end of a battle with a massive Entelexeia and the knights who didn't listen. He delivers a knight's body, and a book of notes to the empire's capital.
  • Great War Ends: Elucifur and Duke win the war for humanity. They retreat to rest and heal, expecting the Empire to hold to it's promise.
  • The Empire attacks Elucifur and Duke. Elucifur is slain.
  • Duke responds by murdering his way through servants and knights to steal the imperial sword, Dein Nomos, from the emperor.
    • The notes he delivered resulted in the resurrection of the man he returned. Duke calls him a dead man and leaves.
  • Duke becomes a hobo hermit. Roughly 28.
    • Khroma takes on a krityan form and becomes his eyes and ears within the knights.
  • Duke begins to move again. Roughly 38.
    • Khroma tells him Alexei (the commandant / acting leader of the Empire) is up to shady business. Duke sets out to impede him without getting caught.
  • Duke ends up running into Yuri Lowell (aka protag) during Duke's attempts to help Terca Lumireis.
  • At Deidon Hold, Duke is annoyed at humans being greedy.
  • After Estelle activates a blastia in the Qoi Woods, and they leave, Duke destroys it.
    • Duke is spotted wandering into the mountains by an NPC. "A gallant man", "tall and slender, with silver hair", "far too handsome to be a hermit".
  • At Caer Bocram, Duke is annoyed at humans being willfully ignorant
  • In the forests of Kiev Moc, Duke quiets the out of control Aer Krene, saving Yuri and his friends. He barely answers their questions before walking off. He warns them away from Aer Krene.
  • He talks with Raven on Ghasfarost, Raven tries to recruit him / get him to help out, Duke gets annoyed by Raven and leaves. He later saves the party from a blastia.
  • He is there in the aftermath of Phaeroh's attack on Dahngrest, and vaguely states he is allied with the Entelexeia still
  • He is at a seaside grave, and states it to be that of a dear friend. Then gets angry that they assume he or his friend was with a human government and leaves.
    • The grave is Elucifur's.
  • Duke tries to talk to the Duce of Nordopolica. He is turned down, and gets annoyed by Yuri's sense of humor and sarcasm.
    • The Duce is also an Entelexeia, and he is likely trying to warn her, recruit her help, or just check up on her.
    • Duke is in the Weasand of Cados after the party wakes the Aer Krene there, and Khroma calms it. He is annoyed at them for not listening to him.
    • Duke is in Yormgen, where Khroma deposits the party after rescuing them from death by desert. He destroys the apatheia they picked up with Dein Nomos, and hints Estelle toward answers, then refuses to talk further
      • This is Past!Yormgen. He's pretty damn confused to see them there.
    • Duke arrives before the party in Yormgen after Estelle is kidnapped. He leaves on Khroma before Alexei arrives.
    • Duke arrives at the Shrine of Baction after the party, and intends to calm the local Aer Krene by getting rid of the disturbance.
      • This disturbance is Estelle, controlled by Alexei, and getting rid of means killing, so Yuri is having none of that.
      • Yuri uses appeal to humanity! It's not very effective against Duke. Yuri uses Stubborn! It's super effective!
      • Duke lends Yuri Dein Nomos, claiming that he wants to see what it was about them that impressed Phaeroh.
    • Duke is in Deidon Hold again, when Yuri and co pass through after failing to fly to Zaphias to stop Alexei / save Estelle. He comments on them failing and more or less is willing to wait for them to try again.
      • Karol confuses him by actually talking to him, and Yuri confuses him by smiling and joking in a dire situation. And then he gets depressing again.
    • Yuri and Co fail to stop Alexei from raising Zaude. Duke meets them in Capua Nor to demand his sword back
      • Yuri counters that technically it is Estelle's sword. Duke says that's kinda dumb and useless to do. Estelle agrees with Duke. Duke is confused. Yuri takes advantage of this confusion to get an extend on his lease.
    • With Khroma, Duke saves Yuri from death via gut wound, impact, and drowning.
      • healing Yuri takes long enough that they stop searching for his body.
      • He was probably an ass and used the room right next to Yuri's until Yuri was mostly healed.
    • Duke reclaims Dein Nomos, gives Yuri a little more history, outright says he's not on humanity's side, and disses humanity some more. Also he's going to protect the world, and don't worry about it.
    • Duke is at Releweise Hollow, argues with Khroma about what to do with the Adephagos. They split paths.
    • On Duke's way out, he runs into Yuri and Co, who explain their plan, trying to get help or be nicer than him. Either or.
      • Duke thinks their being super arrogant, changing the world so that humans can live. They bring up valid points, and Duke refuses to think it's a good idea. He will protect the original state of this world. Now leave him alone as he does this… and they probably won't meet again. Bye.
      • Party is worried. Very worried. Duke never says bye.
    • Duke leaves Releweise, and heads over to Aspio. Under Aspio is an ancient city, which he activates. Aspio is destroyed as Tarqaron rises.
    • on Tarqaron, he begins implementing / building a spell to spread across the planet, sapping and eventually completely stealing away human life force (very pure mana-) to use to blast the Adephagos out of the sky.
      • This would have included him
    • Obviously Yuri and co disagree with this plan and climb Tarqaron to stop him. They talk over how they want the same thing but in different ways – Duke wants returning to how it was, safe and healthy, and Yuri and co want growth, in a hopefully safe and healthy way.
    • Duke says they have to beat him first. So they do so once – only Yuri and Co are the ones looking exhausted and not Duke. Duke then proceeds to power up.
      • We don't talk about Second Form.
    • They defeat Duke again. And then their rpg kleptomania bites them in the ass – weapons they collected interact with Dein Nomos, and then power up Duke yet again.
      • The apatheia of the Spiral Dragon that was split into weapons they created more or less combined with Duke, making him more than a little high on magic, and a bigger pain in the ass because he totally stole their mystic artes to use as his.
      • For some reason, this meant that Duke was shirtless as the Radiant Winged One.
    • fortunately for Terca Lumireis, Yuri and Co defeat Duke yet again. Yuri embarrasses him via understanding Elucifur better than Duke was at the moment, and once he's limp, they and start their plan.
      • Unfortunately, they don't have enough raw power to complete their plan.
      • Fortunately, thanks to Yuri's verbal wake-up slap, Duke is willing to try this trusting humans thing again, and helps them.
    • Yuri makes a giant feather sword w/ Duke's help and the day is saved! Only for political turmoil to follow because they screwed their world's system over-
    • Duke turns to leave, Yuri promises to see him around and

    • Duke arrives in Paradisa, still with all his end boss injuries, ready to go hole himself up somewhere and heal.
      • However his loss was his sight. He's startled into accepting help by this.
    • He sets to relearning how to function on his own – as he perceives this as a "weakness" that others will gladly take advantage of, he sticks to the journal and his room.
    • The discovery of a large library has him exploring and memorizing the layout of the "important" parts of the castle – just in time to sense an explosion of magic. He offers help but due to the magical nature it was not a good idea.
      • It slowly, slowly, sinks in that he can possibly rely on others for help – mostly because so many people are super nice to him.
    • He got attacked by a vampire, and realized just how unused to fighting blind he is. Becomes something else he practices.
      • In attempting to fend off the vampire, he accidentally made himself ill. Ends up meeting Felix as help back to his room.
    • There's a premonition of danger, and Duke offers to be moderately helpful, starting to take steps out of his reclusiveness again.
    • Eventually outright asks for some help – a walking stick, because he's blind and Elrond said it could help.
    • Hides himself in his room for the rest of his first December.
      • Being a hermit doesn't help him know how to kiss.
    • The first person to arrive from his world is someone who he barely interacted with, and was at a point where they both had no powers. Duke was more than okay with never letting him know he was blind.
      • And then Yuri shows up a while later. Really doesn't want to let him know he's blind. Yuri teases too much as it is.
    • Lloyd makes him a walking stick
    • Learns a bit of magic off of Jade Curtiss. Never learned how to aim the spells though.
    • Eventually Estelle arrives too. Things were never so awkward.
      • Estelle didn't stay long. Managed not to let her know he was blind, success!
    • Made a new friend - Dhaos. Because that's clearly what happens when someone lands atop you bleeding heavily.
    • Duke learns how to read braille
    • Pokemon World Change! Duke doesn't mind this one, gets an Altaria out of it. Niffel is pretty cool.
      • Dhaos leaves the castle – Duke ends up with Dhaos's Tyrannitar out of it. Aina likes to mother him.
    • Castle turned them into fairytale princesses. Most annoying was the dress, but he met Vanyel, so its not all bad.
    • Being turned into a dragon was way more fun though.
    • And then he spent a month and a half as a cat. That was… odd.
    • Actually shows up to Chimera meeting for once, offers to help make wards once he makes a blastia substitute.
    • His blastia substitute kinda explodes, and he ends up with Dein Nomos in his ribs. Duke has a scar along his right side from it.
    • Nightmare walking event! What a way to mark a year passing. Duke would like to not throw up any more, thank you.
    • Eventually gets the rest of his substitute, heals, and offers to teach some people how to use his magic.
      • Doesn't get far, not many are interested.
    • Meets Felix as a child, then eventually becomes a child as well. (although he thinks he's always been blind)
    • Gets turned into a sphinx this time. Still not bothered by it, although he's bothered by being Radiant Winged One after it
    • Adopts a horse-like creature from his world, as Flynn left it behind when he went home.
    • Finally gets a little more open about his past – at least to Vanyel.
    • Rediscovers he hates feeling useless.
    • Ends up being a teenager for a bit.
    • Ends up dying as Gentlemen attack Paradisa. He has messy scar over his heart.
    • Felix finally flirts him into curiosity. He's no longer so against people flirting with him??
    • Ends up castle-married to Sheena. Brainwashed into believing it, too.
    • Starts working on illusion magic.
    • Goes to a drinking wizard party..
    • Castle splits for some reason. Loss of powers, very annoying.
    • Ended up dying against daevas (Paranatural). He gained more defensive scars – mostly arms, edge of torso, legs.
      • Duke regained his sight
    • Blizzards are not fun, Duke would like to go back to the warm castle now thanks. But he's still fairly capable at cooking so he hangs around the wizards to help those who can't quite.
    • Duke feels few ties to Terca Lumireis, after the mess he made, and instead opts to follow Vanyel back to Vanyel's home.

Augment: Security


  • Mage-Knight
    • All of these spells are high tier, for the party mage to learn them, she has to learn the ones under them. While there is no canon confirming it, I assume Duke knows them as well.
    • "Float" is known as Levitation to the player – however Duke is either using something else, or a more refined version: he can levitate both his sword (Dein Nomos), and himself, without any sign of the steady drain on his magic that the player gets.
      • I impose a height and weight limit that he can do "for free", roughly three feet off the ground and twice his weight (but he's a skinny ass so-)
      • Second Form and Radiant Winged One forms hold an additional six objects with Levitation. Without a casting cost, Duke cannot hold more than two things at a time.
    • From a side game – Duke fighting on foot/with sword in hand is very likely to be the same as him fighting while levitating – he is a little slower, but can hit heavy at a standstill (a scene has him knocking a ~110 swordswoman flying a good ten feet hard enough to stun her against a wall, with a half step forward)
    • Regeneration of Magic – Duke automatically regains the magic he lost. Cheater.
    • Magic Currents: He mentions flow – in the game, he can either see or sense it. Due to his time in Paradisa, he has enhanced his sensing of magic to use almost like sonar.
  • Spell Crafting: Guilty Resolver, his "Brave Vesperia" Mystic Arte, and his formula for stealing the life force of all humans are all original – or at the very least, only something he saw, maybe once (Brave Vesperia's mystic artes are patched together to create his Brave Vesperia mystic arte.)
    • If he can define it via math, he can effect it. Magic that involves emotions and memory will be forever beyond his reach, and he has a canon lack of understanding for water and earth (which in this game combine into ice), so it's incredibly unlikely to see any spells of that nature.
  • Critter Tamer: Duke, for some inexplicable reason, can understand animals. He holds a conversation with Repede, and the normally volatile monsters are shown looking at him like he's the greatest thing ever.
  • Dein Nomos: Duke's sword is a magic sword, one that changes color and the way it cuts with each wielder. In Duke's hands, it's one of the sharpest blades out there, and red and white. It comes with the power to dispel / shred magic – from just over concentrations, to functioning barriers.

Limitations: Radiant Winged One is out of his reach, unless he gathers up a bunch of weapons he can't use from his home world. Highly unlikely.
Second Form requires a lot of magic to cause, and will make him pass out right after. Not that he'd use it. It's vaguely embarrassing, because…. Fourth image down, the Duke on the left. Yeah. We don't talk about Second Form.
Life-Stealing Formula – He'll be forgetting the details on how this works. He wouldn't use it anyway, but this is probably safer all around.
Critter Tamer only allows him to understand creatures, and gives a general "I'm not a threat" feeling, rather than some outright I AM YOUR FRIEND vibes.
Regen – Duke's auto refill of magic will be slower.
Sense – magic will have to be on the ship with him for him to be able to sense it, and within a block for him on a planet.
Dein Nomos – it's obviously a weapon, he's going to have to buy it back and boy is that going to annoy him.

Ability from Paradisa; how to "enchant" things – aka inscribe a formula into something, charge it, and now it does X for Y time (usually with a "if Z condition is met"). While inscribing formula isn't a new idea for the Empire, it's only done into solid masses of Aer – aka blastia.

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