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Artes / Spells / Random Stuff Duke Can Do In Battle + Things he has learned in games

Strike Artes!

Shock Thrust – Sword slash then 'demon fang'. The energy is red. It is not stopped by hitting something, and continues to the edge of the field. Cost = 10 TP

"Charge Forth!" "Go!" "Shock Thrust!"

Shining Chaos - Sword spins in a circle about midsection. Cost = 12 tp. Causes Contamination (Mind Poison)

"Enough!" "Traverse the lands!" "Shining Chaos!" "You're weak."

Razor Fang - Sword moves in a straight line a good amount away to slash once then returns to wielder with a spin. Cost = 14 tp. Causes Paralysis. ( Movement and attacking occasionally causes flinching.)

"Go!" "Run them through!" "Now!" "Razor Fang!"

Death Blade - Blade comes down from above head to stab down, then spin back to wielder. Can trap foe inside. Cost = 17 tp.

"Move." "Begone." "Move, move!"

Dragon Ascendant – swing the sword in a curve up and dragon of fire follows. Fire Damage. Cost = 22 tp.

"Feel my supreme anger!" "Begone." "Dragon Ascendant!"

Havoc Heaven - A single slash that blazes with fire. Fire Damage. Cost = 55 tp. Causes Sealed Skills, Sealed Artes, Contamination, Weak (Halfed stats).

"I will cut you down!" "Enough." "Away with you!"

Crimson Wolf - Lunge forward and slash. Duke takes blade in hand for this. Cost = 20 tp

*wordless yell.* "Begone!" "I'll blow you away!" "Too late!"

Punishing Descend - spin the blade in several rapid circles up about self. Cost = 28 tp

"Cower before ancient destruction!"

Punishing Divine Flash - 2/3rd forms only. The shields that float about Duke fire red lasers. Cost = 54 tp. Causes Sealed Artes (No magic, no special attacks), Sealed Skills (No minor abilities/boosts from Bodhi Blastia). Breaks regular guard (Even with Glory [Immunity to staggering] ).

"You cannot get away." "I'll blow you away!"

Phantom Wolf - Like Yuri's Ghost Wolf - Lunge forward and slash, spin around and slash again. Duke takes blade in hand for this arte. Cost = 18 tp

"Phantom Wolf!" "Move!"

Punishing Beast - blade slap that forms a glowing red lion's head. Cost = 28 tp.

"I'll blow you away!" "Punishing Beast!"

Moonbeam - vanished from his location to appear above target, dropping his sword in a small blast of un-aligned magic, then returning to his location. Cost = 24 tp.

"I'll blow you away!"

Around- the blade moves forward and spins in place, knocking target about. Can cause Charm (Effected swaps sides [ May heal Duke, attacks former allies ] ), like Raven's Around. Cost = 13 tp.


Light Spear - Shields spiral up about Duke, can lift target into air. Cost = 26 tp


Magic Artes!

Stop Flow – Temporary stoppage of time. Doesn't damage. Cost = 100 tp. Altered Advanced Arte. (Vanji Lost)

"Oh impartial ruler of time, (Need to get the rest)" "You have no need for time itself, allow me to steal it away!"

Healing Circle– A circle of healing. Cost = 35 tp. Heals Duke 8000 HP, then 7000 HP, four times. Intermediate Arte

"Oh light, grant my life thy brilliant power.. Healing Circle!"

Holy Rain – Duke causes rainfall that burns like light. Randomized falling pattern. Light/Holy damage. Cost = 65 tp. Altered Advanced Arte (Holy Lance)

"Light!*" (Duke has no casting chant for Holy Rain.)

Bloody Howling – Duke causes a glyph of underworldly darkness to attack. It makes a painful screaming noise as well. Darkness damage. Cost = 58 tp. Altered Advanced Arte (Violent Pain)

"Oh terrible wolf whose lamentations echo throughout the heavens... Bloody Howling!" "Fear the roar of the wolf!"

Flame Dragon – A spiral of fire forms from an orb, shaped like an eastern dragon, which moves in a rather linear path then up. Fire Damage. Cost = 30 tp. Altered Intermediate Arte (Spiral Flare)

"Unleash thy fiery breath. Go!" "Go!*"

Tempest –Duke causes a tornado, which lifts targets into its center then drops lightning upon them. Wind/Fire damage (No "lightning" element in Vesperia...) cost = 52 tp. Altered Advanced Arte (Havoc Gale)

"The winds cannot abide you any longer." "I'll destroy you!*" "Tempest!"

Meteor Storm – As the name says, meteors fall. Slightly randomized, slightly targeted. Non-Aligned, so.. Magic-based Physical damage? Cost = 76 tp. Advanced Arte.

"... Meteor Storm!" (Duke has no casting chant for this spell)

Guilty Resolver – A dome of vibrant energy erupts from a point, trapping and damaging those within. (Unknown alignment.) Cost = 55 tp.

"I now unleash the full force of my life."

Mystic Artes

Big Bang – (Prepare! Toll the beginning of time... BEGONE!!!/BIG BANG!! ... You still stand?) Duke simulates the creation of the universe via magic. While this is a devastating attack, it cannot render foes unconscious/deal death. (Always reduces to 1hp, or barely above KO)

Brave Vesperia –(Your very beings are within my grasp...! See? Die! Brave... VESPERIA!!!) Duke uses the Mystic Artes of the Guild, Brave Vesperia. The order goes Blast Heart(Raven), Slash!!!(Repede), Ancient Catastrophe(Rita), Radiant Moonlight(Judith), Overlord Reign Impact(Karol), Savage Wolf Fury (Yuri), then Sacred Penance(Estelle), which also heals him.

(* indicates chants while in Overlimit.)

Other Stuff

"Float" - Duke, in the entirety of his fights, is hovering off the ground (unless the player manages to knock him down.) This also applies to Dein Nomos, which is only in his hand for two artes, and the 'shields' of Second Form and Radiant Winged One.

"Teleport" - Duke can 'teleport', which usually is accompanied by him spinning in place, seeming to fall over, then straightening elsewhere on the field. He doesn't have to spin in place.
Into Overlimit -> "Behold!" "This ends now." "My friend, give me strength!"
Dizzied -> "It won't end like this..." "This cannot stop me..." "It will not end like this.."
Knocked down -> "Hmph." "Excellent."
Defending -> "You're weak." "That won't work."
Notes on in-game fighting patterns

  • During the first battle, only starts using teleportation at half health. He will teleport to right behind his target character, across the field, out of falling from aerial combos, or a tiny bit to left or right. Second form uses Teleport from the start of the battle, as does Radiant.

  • Various arte combinations

  • Shining Chaos -> Dragon Ascendant

  • Shock Thrust - > Havoc Heaven

  • Shock Thrust - > Death Blade

  • Razor Fang -> Death Blade

  • Shining Chaos -> Crimson Wolf

  • Shock Thrust -> Punishing Descend

  • Shining Chaos -> Death Blade-> Punishing Descend

  • Phantom Wolf - > Dragon Ascendant

  • Shining Chaos - > Moonbeam

  • Punishing Beast - > Shining Chaos-> Death Blade

  • Havoc Heaven -> Shining Chaos -> Light Spear

  • Punishing Beast - > Phantom Wolf-> Moonbeam

  • Duke regenerates his TP after he finishes his arte or arte combo. In other words, he reabsorbs the energy he expends.


Duke Lv 60
Second Form - Lv 65
Radiant Winged One - Lv 82

HP - 286,500
HP - 467,500
HP - 528,200

TP – 4000
TP – 6000
TP – 10000

P.ATK - 762
P.ATK – 808
P.ATK – 1100

P.DEF - 750
P.DEF – 880
P.Def – 1150

M.ATK - 690
M.ATK – 760
M.ATK – 1256

M.DEF - 704
M.DEF – 754
M.DEF – 1078


Duke Lv 60
Second Form - Lv 65
Radiant Winged One - Lv 82

HP - 716,250
HP - 1,168,750
HP - 1,320,500

TP - 4000
TP - 6000
TP - 10000

P.ATK - 914
P.ATK - 969
P.ATK - 1320

P.DEF - 750
P.DEF - 880
P.Def - 1150

M.ATK - 828
M.ATK - 912
M.ATK - 1507

M.DEF - 704
M.DEF - 754
M.DEF - 1078


Duke Lv 60
Second Form - Lv 65
Radiant Winged One - Lv 82

HP - 1,432,500
HP - 2,337,500
HP - 2,641,000

TP - 4000
TP - 6000
TP - 10000

P.ATK - 2667
P.ATK - 2828
P.ATK - 3850

P.DEF - 1875
P.DEF - 2200
P.Def - 2875

M.ATK - 2070
M.ATK - 2280
M.ATK - 3768

M.DEF - 1760
M.DEF - 1885
M.DEF – 2695


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