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Series: Tales of Vesperia
Shop Name: Fortune's Market
Shop Description:

Generally speaking, Fortune's Market is one of the five Master Guilds, and has members in almost all of Terca Lumireis' towns and cities. There's only one merchant to deal with, usually carrying a pack on his or her back and a small stall set up with some goods on display. It's built into a wall, with a small sign showing a handful of black bottles, and a black blobby thing on a yellow background.

The merchant sells a variety of items, and you can synthesize items if you have the right ingredients – which unfortunately are harvested off monsters that aren't in Vatheon, so Synthesis isn't available.

In general, he will sell:

A variety of Gels and Bottles for healing (Apple and Lemon for physical wounds, Orange and Pineapple for healing MP/SP/TP, Melange and Miracle for a mix of both, and Lottery if you want a chance of full heal or barely heal), a selection of weapons; blades - oversized and normal sized -, axes, spears, hammers, staves, 'wands', scarves and belts, chains and whips, light and heavy sword-bows, daggers. There's also a selection of armor, and strange things called Attachments.

For hilarity's sake, the "Memo" is attached to the item on a small tag.

(I'll update with better pictures/more Attachments at some point, shhh.)


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