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- September (24th) -01 - Human Category

Tag Toothless

Tag Yuan

Tag Lilo

- October -

Tag Tear Grants

Tag Anders

02 - Beast Category

Tag "Felix"

Tag Loki

Tag Nico

Tag Jade Curtiss

Tag John Egbert

Tag Elrond

Tag Rose Tyler

Log Bonnie

03 - Bird Catagory

Tag Jack Harkness

Tag Yosuke

Tag Sephrioth

Tag Nozdormu

Tag Kanji

- November -

Log Sam Winchester

Tag Kasanoda

Tag Bonnie

Tag Dairine

Tag Davesprite and Jade Harley

Tag Pheobe

Tag Tear Grants

Tag Luke fon Fabre

Tag Ino

Tag Noble Six

Tag Karkat

Tag Merlin (Myrddin Emrys)

Tag Host Club

04 - Magic Category

Tag Daine

Log Elrond

Tag Luke fon Fabre [on child loss]

Tag Jon Snow

Tag Kuchiha

- December -

Tag Felix

Tag Jade Curtiss

Tag Crowley

Tag Vivian Volkoff

Tag Toothless (hatchling loss)

Tag Numair

05 - Plant Catagory

Tag Sephiroth

Tag Catelyn Stark

Log Asch the Bloody

Tag Kitty Pryde

Tag Rose Lalonde

Medic's Log

Tag Sephiroth

Tag Momozono

Tag Merlin (Myrddin Emrys)

Tag Equius

Log James Potter

Paris Arrival (World Change)

Tag Elrond (Hotel)

Tag Sherlock (BBC's)

Tag Flynn Scifo

Tag Abel Nightroad

- January -

Tag Flynn
06 - Aquatic Category

07 - Insect Category

Tag Jon and Catelyn(Loss)

Tag Treebeard

Tag Sephiroth

Tag Yuri

Tag Lloyd

- February -

Tag Catelyn

Tag Martel

Tag Jade Curtiss

Tag Adrian Veidt

Tag Rose Lalonde

Tag Adachi

Valentines Event + Agent Maine

Valentines Event + Agent Maine + Yuri Lowell

Tag Esther Blanchett

Tag Lloyd Irving

Tag Flynn Scifo

Tag Estellise Sidos Heurassein

Tag Jon Snow + Ghost

Tag Kallen

Log Sam Winchester

Tag Jade Curtiss


Tag Winter Wrap Up

Tag Daryl Dixon

Tag Felix

Aid in lobster catching

Tag Chell

Tag Yuri

08 – Inorganic

Dhaos Intro

Tag Dhaos

09 – Scale

Tag Vereesa


Tag Rue (Hunger Games)
Tag Felix
Tag Katara
Tag Toothless
10 – Knight Halberd
Tag Wheatley
Post with Crowley

Fairytale plot; Tag Zelos
Fairytale plot; Dream World + Vanyel
11 – Knight Halberd A – Dragonloss
Dragon tag Jorge
Dragon tag South Dakota
Dragon at Hotsprings
12 – Knight Halberd F – Dragon
Tag Nikola Tesla (Sanctuary)
Baby plot; 13 – Erungar + Clint Barton
- June -

Tag Colette and Zelos | Loss
Tag Shifu post, thread with Martel
Camp Half-blood, battle-day
Tag Tsuna
14 – Erungar Memory
- August -

15 – Knight Lancer A
Tag Dhaos spaaace
Tag Jade on sleeping/coma
Tag Celeborn intro
Tag Genis intro
- September -

Tag Vanyel, gate backfire
Tag Vanyel, waking
Tag Felix, chimera filter and plots for magic
Chimera meeting called by Clow
Tag Asura on masq invites
Rosalie Cullen on medical things
16 Attempts to avoid Masq, magic plans
Duke at Masq
17 Crystalizing magic
Getting to healing
Tag Peeta
- October -

tag Kalinda
IC Late reply to Clow
Duke nightmare
Tag Halo nightmare
Tag Martel nightmare
Tag Sheena nightmare
Tag Dairine nightmare
Tag Dhaos Nightmare
Tag Felix nightmare
Wake at clinic w/ Stuart
19 at clinic still
Tag Daenerys
Tag Will
Tag Felix (Child Loss)
Tag Dhaos (Cat with Hands plot)
Tag Once-ler, gain cats
Tag Allen possibly teach magic
Tag Arya
Tag Eli Gold
Tag Merlin
Halloween + Maya
Halloween + Henry
Halloween Tag Felix (child)
- November -

Tag Felix (Child)
Tag Shatterstar
Tag Skyfire
Konoha plot Day One Tag Hermione
Konoha plot Day Two Meet with Allen Walker (team 43)
Tag Sophie Mr Journal
Tag Dairine Alternate universes of home
Tag Felix just off loss
20 Sunburns and magic
Tag Will Roomates
Tag Natasha(Black Widow) Clinic supplies
Tag Thamuris
Tag Clint, wrath plot (7DS)
Tag Will healing
Tag Hard Harry
Tag Abby Years
- December -

Tag Peter Petrelli
Tag Dairine KISSMASS
Tag Ashura
Tag Gokudera
Tag Sheena
Tag Galadriel KISSMASS
Tag Merlin(Adult Merlin)
Tag James Watson (Feast of Fools)
- January 2013-

Tag Garry
Tag Bunnymund
Tag Sheena
Tag Vanyel
Tag Felix Wards
Wonderland Duke-sphinx
Tag Thamuris (Wonderland)
Tag Tweedles (Clow and Felix)
Tag Roxy Lalonde (Wonderland)
RWO Duke
Tag igraine
Tag Gold
Tag Cimorine
Tag Gren
- February -

Tag Will
Broken Filters tag Felix
Tag Harper Castlenet
- March -

Tag Felix about those also of his world.
Tag Garry sewing
Tag Catlyn Age
- May -

Tag Percy Event Horizon
Tag Ashura post Event Horizon healing and tea.
Tag Danny Fighting, sword styles.
Tag Dean Winchester Arrival
Baby Plot tag Bunnymund
Luke and Vanyel Baby Plot
Tag Catelyn Stark
Tag Nora Healing
- June -

Tag Vanyel stubbed toe
Tag Clow Returned
29 Loss – Younger
Tag Danny Loss!
Tag Thamuris Loss!
Tag Lorax Loss!
Dinosaurs Plot Day One Loss!
- July -

Tag Mitsuru Help with teaching fighting.
Tag Dumbledore Location -> magic
Tag Sheena fighting practice + hand-to-hand
Tokyo Plot
Tag 'lendel
Tag Chie age
Tag Gideon Returned home
Tag Vanyel Clow home
Tag Moony Magic
- August -

31 Care of Magical Creatures
Hogwarts Dragon
Move glass with Vanyel
Tag Gary Monsters
Tag Hermione Offer magical aid.
- September -

Tag 'Lendel Heal magic?
Tag Ashura Breakup with Felix fall out
Tag Mitsuru Dog talk
Tag Sheena Lloyd+Zelos returned home
Tag Unicorn Vanyel
Tag Felix Gideon returned home
Watch Rocky Horror with Natasha
Tag Dairine+Spotd1 Premonition of Gentlemen
Gentlemen! d2Tag Howl
Gentlemen!d2 Tag Meg in library
Gentlemen!d3 Tag Ashura (Sheena is dead)
Gentlemen! d4 Tag August
Gentlemen! d4 In the Library
Gentlemen! d5, 32, death #1
- October -

33 Duke returns!
Tag Jennifer help fighting
Tag Vanyel cookies in the kitchen
Tag Dumbledor Ring Plot
Tag Robb Stark Wargs Skinchangers
Halloween Ball
- November -

Tag Felix Nameplate change
Tag Nita Firenze plot
Tag Remus War
34 Religion and Monsters
- December -

Tag Will Holly and Dark (Kissmass Start)
Kissmas Tag Effy
Kissmass Tag Tylendel
Kissmas Tag Vanyel
Kissmass Tag Castiel
Kissmass Tag Felix
Stepford Tag Sheena
Kissmass Tag Galadriel
- January -

Drunk Wizards Tag Thorin
Drunk Wizards Tag Galadriel
Drunk Wizards
35 Offer phys combat help.


tag Razol

Tag Anna
Tag Elena
Tag Gren
Tag Simon
Tag Tylendel


Tag Vandel wedding
Tag Jennifer
Sheena baby event
Jumanji plot will
Jumanji Mages
Fire flower plotting Ashura

Fire Flower Festival
Tag Nita
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