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Name: Duke
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Body Type: SKINNY ASS OLD MAN looks like a lady with that ass-
Weapon of Choice: Sword / Magic
Image Song: Just for fun.

Changes at a Glance:
- Elucifur loss not a thing? Maybe?
- deals with people on a semi-regular basis, is less of an ass.

He puts his hair in buns and ponytails a lot, other than thaaat….

- Oops military looked like a good option. Starts enrolling in that as soon as possible
- Sudden Baby Brother. Doesn't stop military plans, but he ends up coming home on vacation time to be Family. Awkwardly, he was comfortable with only child.
- Ooops full time nerd.
- Brother got kicked out, okay that's a little weird, but his life, his life.
- Still full time nerd in Belkend now. Forgets to come home to wherever he lives after parents died. Barracks? Random Apartment?

- Generally quiet absentminded
- Looks like he's half asleep, until you get him nerding, then he's fairly animated.
- Absentminded, in the "I am thinking about work, not getting this food into my mouth" sort of way. Thus a little clumsy.
- Dry humor that he hides with linefaces
- Ignores a lot of shit in favor of work
- Wow he can focus on one thing for days on end
- Deep. Its an earthquake but not.
- He mostly ignores it / fortune cookie. It's something he'd have to go out of his way to hear, and he's fairly sure it's just going to tell him to go to work so why should he go out of his way to hear it?

- Likes: Critters, because they make more sense than people a good half the time. And monsters are usually unlikely to take that much offense to him for some reason or another SO. Family, sort of. Brother is vaguely important. MAGIC AND HIS WORK, because what else does he have to do. Nothing.
- Dislikes: Sudden Loud Noises Not Made By Him or Brother, because those normally break his concentration and there went a train of thought. Having To Take Vacations, because he'd rather work. Dead Things because they smell bad. General Populace because they're usually trying to talk to him about gossip and why.
- He is quite happy with his life of being a massive nerd for a living.
- He focuses to the detriment of all else sometimes. Also his morals are kinda grey. You stole that? Okay whatever.
- He's WAY better at book stuff / to do with fonons / critter behavior than people stuff. Also fairly good at making muscle memory happen.
- IF you actually get him to give a shit he tends to give a shit for a long time. If you actually get him to feel loyal, you're not getting rid of him unless you do something major.
- Uhhh his view on love is "why is everyone talking about it, I wanna work." At the moment, it's a distraction
- View on sexual things is v. similar - it’s a distraction. He'd be less conservative if he was interested.

- Interest = LOTS AND LOTS OF FOCUS because that's how you get good at things you like a lot. Leads to absentmindedness / clumsy because he forgets about ~less interesting~ things. Fonic Artes and related stuff is something he gets, and that makes it almost fun. Why should he stop for things like eating? Much better to eat one handed.
- Duke is kept in the "skinny but fit / lean muscle" range by being a military nerd – if he wants to keep his job, he has to stay fit. Basically, otherwise he would be nerding all the time.
Special Abilities:
Moderate ability with fontech. SUPER MAGE NERD WATCH OUT WHEN HE USES MAGIC because 50/50 its new, and if its new 50/50 it will do something like explode in his face.
He's a fairly capable swordsman, even if he has started using magic to make him more unpredictable (ala Contamination Effect hiding shenanigans, and levitation so he doesn't get gross)
Still gets along remarkably well with monsters (and all random stray kitties and squirrels)

He can probably read ancient languages but speaking it doesn't work well.

Class: Magic Swordsman
Range: He's Flexible. Prefers mid-long via spells (and turning his sword into a ranged like a dick)
Weapon of Choice: Sword, Magic
Sub-Weapons: IDK, maybe he took a proficiency in Unconventional Weaponry, and whatever is nearby is now his sub-weapon 
Armor of Choice: Light, reinforced via magic
Accessory: ??? Laurels? IDK.
Description of battle performance.
Generally plays the "avoid you while chopping you up" game.
ToV Arte List, gains a different mystic in ToH:TB (Crimson Wolf, dammit Duke stop copying Yuri).
Non-offensive arte used too much most is Levitation, which he seems to use on everything.

Ties to Other Characters:
Chal - Little Brother. While they are siblings, Duke is just a little under twice Chal's age, so they aren't terribly close. Tries to be around, but his job and Chal's job keep them pretty far apart (Not that this stops Chal from bombarding him with ~Lady Estellise~ stories whenever Chal can.) There is trust between them, which is why Duke may or may not have an Original Swordian from Chal
Fourier - Nerd Friend
Aster - Nerd Friend. Same Workplace Nerdfriend, even.
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