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- December 2nd-

00 - Knight Fencer

tag Water fight

Tag Summoner

Tag Beach Party

- January - 2012

Tag Ioder

Tag N

Tag Estelle

Tag Estelle

01 - Knight Guard

Tag Lloyd

- February –

02 - Knight Warrior (Curse # 26)

Tag Lloyd (Curse #26)

Ball Post(Curse #26)

03 - Knight Fencer A Spell work

Tag Estelle

Tag Guy Cecil

- March -

Tag Zelda
Tag Ceilo and Serph
04 – Knight Fencer F
Tag Colette
Tag Ioder
Tag N
Tag Harry Potter
Tag Sola
Tag Laguna

- April -

Log + Zelda
Tag David the Gnome
Tag Zelos
Tag Ioder
Tag Dhaos
05 – Knight Fencer S Define Friend
Duke at party
Tag Mithos
Log – Zelda and Zelos
Tag Richter
06 – Knight Warrior A
Tag Perrin
Tag Kratos Aurion
Tag Raine Sage(dream)
Tag Richter Abend (Dream)
Tag Ioder(Dream)
07- Grain
Tag Som!Yuan
Duke At Som Crossover

- May -

Log + Zelos
08 – Knight Lancer
(09)??? – Zelos Wilder
Zelos Death Post
(10) 09 – Knight Catcher
SFC -> Zelos
Hotsprings + Serph
Tag Loki

- June -

Tag Yuri; Yuri arrives
Log Zelda and Duke, Curse 30, Seraphim
Log Zelos and Duke; Zelda enters Coma.
(11)10 –Knight Halberd
Log + Zelos, attempt to help.
Tag Zelos; recruited for GV
Tag Zelda; Zelda wakes from coma

- July -

Tag Zelda

- August -
12 – Knight Halberd F
13 – Erungar
Sloth Day

- September -

Yuri returns
Tag Zelda on Lust day
Tag Zelda after lust day
Tag Ky join DF
Duke at Masqerade before opening
Duke at Masquerade
Tag Ioder at Masq
Tag Jade at Masq
Tag Rin at Masq
Avoid Mithos
14 – Erungar Memory Asking for healers
Duke at Golden Victory Swimsuit month...
Bodyswap event start!
Bodyswap hair washing post
Tag Guy Birthday questions
Bodyswap, Avoid Zelos
Tag Yuan intro
Tag Ashraf

- October -

Monthly Mingle
16 – Kidnapped and found
Crash Guy/Zelda time
Tag Angelo
Curse #35 tag Madam Red
Tag Kratos Bunwigle curse
Tag Ioder Bunwigle curse
17 Puppy and Bunwigle in the park
Tag Zelos Bunwigle curse
Zelda and Duke Curse End
Tag Guy

- November -

Curse #35, 18 Some warning for Duke's ridiculously depressed mood
Curse #35 Tag Dhaos, prevent damage to Zelda
19 Yuri and Duke
Tag Ky skills
20 Duke and sunburns
Curse #36 - 21 Duke and stuck curse
Magegeek log Malik, Zelda, Duke

- December -

Tag Ib mingle log
Duke at Host Club
22 How to make self feel better
23 for the Zel House and Coma'd Friends
Tag Jade Curtiss Insanity plot
24 Christmas Week Post, Angel Duke (Grab-bag curse)
Tag Dhaos Christmas ( Grab Bag Curse)
-> Bianca Voice Mail

- January 2013-

Tag Lloyd Rune Crest Log
Golden Victory Grell
Golden Victory Ib and Zelos
25 Age swap curse, child Duke
Tag Bitty Dhaos Bitty Duke
Log with Zelda Feels have been realized
Tag Shiro [AnE]
-> Ioder's Voicemail
-> Yuri's Voicemail
26 Hide with the Vesperia Cast

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