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Character's Name: Duke Pantarei
Character's Age: around 35-40 (Aka, older than Raven, but not as old as Alexei.)
Character's Class: "Magic Fencer"/"Holy Knight"? Duke uses a longsword, magic, and has Healing Circle.. Unless Awkward Hermit or Checkov's Gun count as classes.

3 Events That Affected the Character:
1)The death of Elucifur: While it is not explicitly said exactly how the two met, the result was Duke leaving the imperial knights and traveling the world with Elucifur, aiding in the human side of the war, and aiding Alexei in ways such as returning some notes, and a corpse who would later become Raven. The two(Duke and Elucifur) became very good friends, and thus Duke was severely angered and perhaps traumatized, by his murder. If Elucifur had not been slain, Duke would not have stolen Dein Nomos, would not have left human civilization so firmly behind.

2)Dein Nomos: When Duke encounters the party in his way of removing the threat to the Hypionian Aer Krene in the Shrine of Baction, he displays the first attempt to trust in ten years. He lends the party Dein Nomos, and allows them to do their own thing. If he had not chosen to try to trust them, he would have likely had to kill the party, or done some fancy magic to ruin his odd hermit image and pass them. This would have led to something quite interesting in Astal's room. There is also what he did in order to gain Dein Nomos – leaving a trail of bodies and blood in Zaphias Castle. That sword is one of the most important things to Duke.

3)Tarqaron: Duke's plan versus Brave Vesperia's plan, the conflict of wills that led to three successive battles, and Duke on his back in defeat. Due to Duke's pessimism, his mistrust in humanity, he fully believed that they would finish him off and continue on with their lives, only they did not. Yuri berated him, then turned and the guild started their under-powered plan. Duke realized where he'd been wrong, and lent his remaining strength to give Yuri that little boost to slay the Adephagos. He's slowly begun to take apart his bias against humans, and attempt to make small motions of trust, but these are mostly at Brave Vesperia.

Pulled From: Leaving Tarqaron after the defeat of the Adephagos and Spirits rain from the sky.

At a first glance, the response would be "What personality?"

The man is quiet, reserved, and abrupt with his comings and leavings. He's distant, and cold. Occasionally rather rude; "Those matters exceed your comprehension." isn't something one tells Rita Mordio without receiving a Fireball, but Duke went and did it. He's very socially awkward, occasionally thinking aloud in the middle of "conversations". He keeps his distance even from those who he has talked to many times; rarely asking for any information that is not relevant to the situation. He refers to people as "you", or by descriptors of their person when he cannot simply stare in their direction and be understood that way. He doesn't reply to greetings and decides when the conversation is over, acting upon that by simply turning and leaving without a further word.

Duke is confident and controlled. He carries himself with an air of confidence, one that Yuri picks up on in Keiv Moc; an odd sort of meditative serenity and an almost militaristic way of holding himself. The few times he holds blade in hand, it is always held point to the ground. This relaxed position speaks of his confidence in his skill to react in time to any threat. He never moves at a speed faster than a walk, his hands never leave loose fists from his sides, his expression barely flickers from a faint, blank frown, and his voice never rises. He doesn't swear, verbally or physically lash out, or seem to have a temper at all. Insults, teasing, and sarcasm simply roll right off him, if he even recognizes what they're supposed to be.

"A single life cannot be privileged over the fate of the world"; "words are cheap". Through his own words, Duke shows himself to be a man of action and the idea of "the many before the one". Unlike others who think that way, his 'one' is always less important than the many; although in Duke's case, the "many" is Terca Lumireis itself. The death of Elucifur taught him that words can be said, but that doesn't truly change anything. Elucifur said he would simply watch, and the humans nodded and smiled, then killed him out of fear of the power Elucifur swore he would not use. This doesn't mean that Duke won't keep his word, however, just that anything said to him by a human - any promise made to him by a human - is taken with a good deal of suspicion that it won't be held to. He's a man who removes threats when they become them, does rather than says, and doesn't care about "consequences". Twice, his actions in calming Aer Krene and destroying Hermes Blastia have saved the party, a band of the disliked humans. Had he but waited a little longer in both Keiv Moc and Ghasfarost, the party might have been wiped out, but Duke thought the threat to the planet was not worth waiting longer for removing said threats.

Despite being a man of action, he doesn't take any joy from fighting. Killing isn't something he enjoys, and he won't unless he absolutely has to. However, if he is to fight, and fight at his full capacity, he would prefer to not leave any witnesses to his strength. Knowing exactly how powerful Elucifur is what drove humans into slaying the Entelexeia. It was due to fear, so Duke would rather people underestimated him, and thus avoid a similar fate.

Avoidance is Duke's answer to "fight-or-flight", as he'd rather not get into that situation in the first place. Duke will not intentionally start any conflict, and he will, at first, try to walk away if someone starts one with him. As with his emotions, one has to reach a certain point with him before he'll retaliate, or insult Elucifur or Entelexeia to gain the same reaction.

If someone can get past his shell, they may see him differently. Duke is loyal. If he joins his cause with yours, if your morals/goals match his, if he likes you, you have someone who will stick with you through thick and thin until he witnesses a blatant breach of trust. Duke's trust has been a fragile thing since Elucifur's death, and repairing it for the sake of friendship may be the work of a lifetime. Regaining his trust after breaking it is a feat that stands close to impossible.

Despite his stony, normally emotionless exterior, Duke finds amusement in the subtle humors. He finds ironic words amusing, or at least sounds amused, and may even call the one being ironic out in a way. "So I am the only stubborn one?" was his response to Yuri's commenting on his stubbornness, complete with a rising, almost incredulous tone. However, he has no appreciation for Raven's sort of humor, referring to it as foolishness and clowning.

Despite how jaded he is about what to expect from humans, he manages to be a little naive about the workings inside human society. He understands the chain of command, and some of the workings of the upper-class households, but otherwise very little beyond his pessimistic views of imminent betrayal and inability to learn from the past. Part of this is his odd thought patterns. He melds animal-like behaviors with more human ones, understanding more base, linear thoughts but having trouble with the more convoluted human patterns. He understands killing for food, for imminent threat removal, and for defense, but not for many of the other reasons, such as over Blastia or for resources. Some of his body language is much closer to animalistic than it is to humans – in humans, tilting one's head down is normally a sign of submission while tilting back is more of a haughty stance, and Duke does the opposite. Baring one's throat is a sign of submission, and lowering one's head more aggressive.

Duke does not like people, simply based on the fact they are human. Still, even after realizing his mistakes, he has a great deal of trouble trusting just any human. Although he finds that the human is friends with one he sort-of trusts, like a member of Brave Vesperia, he will be more likely to attempt to try. If someone manages to get close to him, he might show a bit of 'closeness' in his odd, quiet fashion. Duke has lost someone very important to him, and doesn't like how that felt, nor does he want to experience that again. He'd do everything in his power to prevent losing someone else, even if that means, for the most part, avoiding getting too close to anyone else. While he does ally himself with Khroma and has been working with her since Elucifur's death, she still finds his motives a mystery.

One thing that separates Duke from the heroes is that he knows his limits and doesn't attempt to push them. This isn't the sort of "this project got hard, I give up" sort of quitting one sees in modern settings, but the sort that when he feels that he can do no further, he only spends a short amount of time trying anyway before he scraps that plan and throws himself in a different direction. Raven comments on this when they try to convince him not to steal the life of all humans at Tarqaron. Part of the reason Duke quits so easily is because he expects no help, doesn't trust humans enough to try to get them to aid him, and thus has only a limited amount of back up plans and allies.

He is a slightly situational person. It depends on what he is dealing with, who he is dealing with, and what he could gain to aid Terca Lumireis. Perhaps the best description, and probably the one Brave Vesperia would give if anyone asked them to describe him, is that "Duke is Duke". He's contradictory, yet not quite hypocritical.

Future Plans:
Sulk about in the wilderness. If the monsters are too dangerous for him to manage to co-exist with, he may help guilds find the more dangerous ones. He might stalk any Vesperia people he comes across, particularly if they're of Brave Vesperia, and avoid very technological locations if at all possible. If/when he realizes that they aren't Blastia, he may allow curiosity to change his mind, but no definite idea, really.

Roleplay Sample:

Duke twitches only slightly, remaining still as he woke the rest of the way – rather quickly when he did not recognize the feel of the area, or remember falling asleep in such a location in the first place. His blank expression barely twitches and he rises to his feet, still feeling all the impacts he had taken on Tarqaron, stiff from his rest on the roots but shoving that aside.
The tree he stood beneath was rather large, rather like the one in Halure. Had he reached the city of blossoms? ... No, that was not it. There was no Barrier in the sky, the leaves were wrong, Halure had a city between its roots and he stood surrounded by forest, not homes, and there was a lack of any sort of petals or blossoms. Hypionia didn't have any forests such as this, and it wasn't the right weather for Tolbyccia... Nor could he sense anything that would mark this continent as Yurozea or Ilyccia.
Duke shook his coat out and then his hair once, knocking debris from the slowly curling white, then looked about for a break in leaves. Finding north, he walked that way.
He would find where he was, even if he had to speak with humans.


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